Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Germany Souls

Germany has (or at least had) the potential of being a perfectly isolated nation. Like Poland, it has a good share of natural resources and has a beautiful scenery and climate. Yet, despite this, or perhaps because of this, Germany has been in more than a fair number of conflicts. So a country that could feasibly be self-sustaining is instead viewed by a lot of people as a big violent deal that goes out into the world to cause havoc.

//The fact that Germans aren't excessively violoent has nothing to do with my point (which I'm getting to), but the preception of them as such is based on a pretty solid historical context (i.e. it's unfair, but not hard to understand). That doesnt excuse the stereotype, but it isn't hard to see where it comes from (Teutonic Knights, anyone?). I'm not even going to get into the whole Kantian preception to reality thing here.//

So, where am I going with this? Well here you go:

I've met a lot of people (and I'm probably one of them, but I won't claim enough arrogance to believe I can truly interpret myself without bias) who could be said to have a personality/soul like Germany. They're fairly introverted, but they can't help but reach out to other people in some form or another, desperatly and enternally seeking human contact. The results may be explosive or beautiful (much like German history, just to push the metaphor further.

I suppose blogging is like that in a way. No one really reads them, but people still write them and they go on and on and on ando nandon andona ndon andonandonandonandonandonandonandon as an outlet for those Germany Souls. Says something to our fear of new people doesn't it?



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