Monday, October 25, 2004

Gore and Bones

"...I’m relying on your common decency/ So far it hasn’t surfaced/ But I’m sure it exists/ It just takes a while to travel/ From your head to your fist..."
-Martin Gore

I've always been fascinated by this lyric. I mean, is he saying that your fist hasn't got the message from your head to stop punching for the sake of common decency or is he saying it ironically, as though to say you lack common decency. It's probably the former, but I've always liked to think of it as the latter.

Now then, onto the real reason I started this.

A good friend of mine, Jack, used to break a bone in one of his arms or legs every year or so. It was ridiculously consistent; one of the signs of Spring was Jack in a cast. Eventually he didn't break things as often - whether due to an increase in coordination or his bones just got stronger bones, I was never sure - and life went on.

Jack is now one of my favorite guitar players, partially because I made a lot of music with him, but mostly because he's good and I like his style.

So, I've always wondered whether the repeat breaks of his arm(s) had a factor in how his arm(s) were shaped, and if so, would he be a better or worse guitar player if he hadn't broken his arms.


Blogger Jack said...

One of the breaks made the doctors replace my arm with robot arms. Now I can rock a riff like a madman, but it hurts like hell when I try to masterbate. Ah, such is life.

1:07 AM, October 26, 2004  
Blogger T Kwong said...

Robo-arm eh? That'd make a lot of sense. I bet it get's real fucking uncomfortable at heat extremes.


4:36 PM, October 26, 2004  
Blogger Jack said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:52 PM, October 26, 2004  
Blogger Jack said...

Oh, don't even get me started. Some kid got his tongue stuck on my arm once. The whole fire department showed up. It was just embarrassing.

4:52 PM, October 26, 2004  
Blogger Jack said...

This post has been removed by the author...

That kind of gives that comment a mysterious edge to it... There was something in there we weren't meant to know!

4:53 PM, October 26, 2004  

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