Monday, November 01, 2004

Dead Eyes

I'm fascinated by light. I'm fascinated by the way it behaves and also with the way people perceive light.

As part of that, I'm also transfixed in the way binnocular vision works. Both eyes have to focus on the same thing to work properly; if they don't it doesn't work too well, moreover, most peope can't focus on two seperate things. Try it, try looking to the outer side of your eyes at the asme time (i.e. left eye all the way to the left, right eye all the way to the right), I bet you can't do it.

What's even cooler about this to me, is the fact that deep in our little instinctive brains we expect other perople to function this way. Think about it: if someone appears to be not focussing on anything when they talk to you, then you assume they aren't listening or they're ignoring you.

IT is this factoid that carries me to my main point: dead people are more creepy looking when they have their eyes open. Think about it, your back brain keeps expecting the eyes to move and focus, but they don't, and your front brain knows it. Never the less, that look is so diconcerting to the primate brain in the back of our skulls that most people can't stand the sight of open, unblinking, dead eyes.

For extra creepout factor, think about what happens if a dead person's eyes roll to opposite sides of their head, most people couldn't take it.

I'm not trying to be dark and macarbe, but I'm fascinated by light, eyes and the way it all behave to shape our preceptions.



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