Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noam Chomsky, Why?

Hey kids, I'm back. School, hooray...

Anyway, a few big things have happened to me this summer. I'm now living in a renovated hotel building from the 1920's and I discovered I actually can drink (thank you P.O.S. and Dosh). So that's more like a couple, but that's not important. Antics: many. Action: little.

I got my first spam comment, see comments.

Anyway, let's talk about hurricanes because everybody's talking about hurricanes. Yup, man is it a shame about those levies. Hey, look Bush said / did something dumb, HA-HA! Look at those black folk they sure are hysterical.

Maybe it's just me, but the weather porn needs to stop. I mean, what can you cover in a massive natural disaster that's relevant after, "oh my god, that's horrible, look what happened." There's only so much you do with causality. This storm came in and bad things happened beause of this certain meeting of fronts in the Atlantic Ocean. So, what's the point oh the super-saturation coverage, other than the fact that it's the first week of September and news is just starting to exist again? Oh wait, didn't that Supreme Court guy die? Isn't there that one war? Two wars? Whatever.

I guess the hurricane coverage is better than more Tom Cruise bullshit, but still. When I go to read the freaking wire, I'd like to have some choice other than hurricane stories. Is it relevant? Sure it is, but come on mother fuckers, there's plenty of stuff that needs to be covered.

Speaking of which, R.T. Ryback, if you Google yourself and find this, call me back so I do a freaking interview already.

Side note: do not pick up Noam Chomsky's spoken word album. It's not so much a spoken word piece as it is a lecture cut up awkwardly to make individual tracks. That and Noam Chomsky is not the great liberal orator of our time. Then again, he's about as good as anyone else.


P.S. What about this?


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