Friday, April 29, 2005

Oi, My Bleeding

The end is near. My year-long stint as morning show sucker is nearly complete.

I feel like I've been distracted for the entire year, as though I should be doing somethiing, but I never get around to it. Now, I'm willing to attribute this to my natural shirking and putting-off-for-tommorrrow-what-I-can-dooo-today, but it's more than me avoiding that twelve page paper, it's like I'm really avoiding something.

I do notice I tend to forget people I don't interact with often. case and point: I called my friend last night and left a message along the lines of, "Um, hey, I realized I hadn't talked to you in about a month after I said I would call you back."

Maybe it's just that I'm always tired, drifting off in class, dozing at parties, being that sleeping guy on the bus. I ramble a lot, I mumble more often than I care to admit, and don't I wish this post had some direction.

But. today, I'm cranky and tired, so I don't really give a fuck. Finals approaching is making me more surly than usual. Trucker hats, bad mainstream country, conservatives, zealots, hemp paper, and corn ethanol...



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