Saturday, November 27, 2004

Scatter Brained

So, I forgot to mention I heard about this little ditty last week. For the most part, I agree that the professor is way out of line, but at the same time, I'm concerned about the Connie backlash and how terrible it is.

Without question, the professor has some valid points: Israel has done some fairly iffy things and I certainly don't agree with their governmental system. That said: Israel is no more discriminatory than your average Islamic state's; the argument is meaningless without equal criticism (which doesn't exist as far as I can find). In this instance, I can agree that this professor is incorrectly imposing his views on his students, but that doesn't mean the Connies are right in the end.

The professor in question is not, "a typical Arab liar." Calling him a liar because he's a little crazy is fine, calling all Arabs liars, not so much. Nor is he, "another," leftist indoctrinating his students; most professors don't, at least mine don't.

My belief is that most Connies that shout and bitch about this just want to eliminate views that threaten their own. There is a convenient habit of forgetting how many Connies come out of universities, especially east-coast universities.

It would be one thing to have your students watch Al-Jazeera (hell, I even read their online edition) to get an insight into what many Arabs watch, it's another to say this is the truth as handed down from most high. The same could be said of Fox, but let's not go there.

Long story short, the story is a mess and everyone is being stupid.

So, pretty much more of the same.



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