Monday, November 15, 2004

Fuzz, Fuzz

"...the signal that you get from me because
cat's wanna act up (yo!)
cat's wanna act up..."
-Cannibal Ox as performed for Sharkey
I've found that I hate the local alternative station in my area. Not the idea of it (I work in college radio after all), but a couple things just bother me endlessly about it.

They use whips that say fun things like,
"You may not like all the music we play, but at least we're taking chances."
Huh? You're owned by Disney, you don't take chances, you'd lose your jobs if you took chances, all you do is troll the college charts looking for the top two, and put them into light rotation.

I'm happy that indie bands can make it big, but taking a fairly popular band and adding it isn't taking chances, it's doing the most logical thing possible.

It's irritating listening to a station that's part of massive corporate media network put on the trappings of an indie station.

This isn't a new complaint, but the raw hypocrisy of that whip and Cannibal Ox's battle rhymes got me going.

Sorry, I'll behave next time.



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