Monday, January 03, 2005

Everybody in the Place Says, "Move it, Move it."

Happy new year.

The longer I know some people, the more I don't like them. Some people who I considered my friends for years have just gotten more and more whorish and obnoxious. Perhaps it isn't them, maybe they've always been so freaking annoying and I just didn't notice and I've been the one who's changed.

Whatever, change happens, people move, personalities change over time (or at least they become more who've they've alwys been, depending on your view of such things), it's inevitable that people you used to like may become different enough that it doesn't work anymore.

For better or worse, I think I've gotten fairly loose about letting go of people. I used to try to hold on to friends who were becoming less and less so, but lately I haven't bothered. I still try to keep up with people I know, but I don't push to make failing friendships work. Makes amends when there's a row, absolutely, but salvage a strained mess, not that often.

I suppose I'm getting lazy, either that or I've decided to just move on in the face of unhealthy drama.

Maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.



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