Saturday, December 11, 2004

I Am Going to Explode

Posting is destined to be shorter and more sparse than these past couple of weeks. I am getting progressively more busy as finals near.

It's very odd, I didn't use to freak out about my final exams as much, but then again I didn't have thousands of dollars in scholarships riding on my grades, so I guess the consequences are greater. Combined with work and my own general shenigans things are stressful in general. Maybe it's just some of my days seem to be hours of constant sleep deprivation and I'm slowly just wasting away.

Whatever, the point is: I'm tired, I have no time for creative expression, and I'm studying (no music making + no fun = TK1 sad little boy). Ironically enough, the saving grace for all of this is waking up bleeding early and starting every morning with three hours of music. Ah work, causing stress and yet letting me relax.

My dance mix of the season ('04 Party Time):

1) Mouse on Mars - Wipe That Sound

2) !!! - Pardon My Freedom

3) Madlib - Young Warrior

4) Lemon Jelly - Stay With You

5) Felix Da Housecat - What She Wants

6) Ratatat - Seventeen Years

7) Mala Rodriguez - La Nina

8) Le Tigre - On the Verge

9) Saul Williams - List of Demands (Repirations)

That's about an hour or so. Anyway, that's my dance party time of awesome to get through finals.

Feel free to share yours if you have one.



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