Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why Beat Your Wife When Your Kids Will Do

That was a terrible title. I don't endorse or support child abuse in any form, in fact I despise it; child abuse is evil and a horrible thing.

I work at a technical support call center on Saturdays. Not the most creativity inducing job, but $10.40 and hour is hard to argue with. Anyway, the callers seem more than content to take their frustrations over their computer problem out on me. This confuses me to no end. Here I am, trying to help these people (and they called me) and all I hear is screaming and yelling and carrying on and bitching and moaning and anger and rage and raw burning frustration. These are understandable emotions and it's equally understandable that they would still be angry, but they almost never apologize for yelling at me. Fuck, I'm only trying to fix the problem you were to fucking stupid to create. Maybe you should click on the god damn free slots pop up you god damn, fucking shit head.

I'm just frustrated. Don't yell at the technical service people. They have to deal with it all day and it just makes them hate you.



Blogger Jack said...

I thought it was a fabulous title. I always just assume (with potential negative results) people realize I don't advocate things like child abuse when I write things like that and that 90% of the things I say are not serious.

Don't yell at people trying to help you. Get a stress ball.

2:20 AM, January 09, 2005  

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