Sunday, February 06, 2005

Global Warming is Killing Mid-Western Forests

Two things before I begin:

1) and

One is a helpful lookup tool and the other is a scam site, but it looks like it could be the site you meant until you notice you've made a slight typo. Preying on the spelling-challenged, you mother-fucking bastards.

2) That last post sucked.

I'm sorry, the title came first, and I had nowhere to go from there, so I punted and missed.
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Deciduous trees, in case you didn't know, start production of auxin (growth inducer) when the tree experiences a certain amount of time at a certain temperature (e.g. forty degrees for two days). At which point the tree then begins to go into rapid growth.

I'm beginning to think I've got something similar.

Not that I grow or anything in the spring, but I do usually get fairly depressed. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and it's coincided neatly with a period of unseasonable warmth. It's just a little too creepy for me.

In reality it's probably just stress and not enough sleep and stress and a really terrible rejection and stress and too much work and not enough play and stress.

I've been enjoying the warmth, it's been a good time to go running, go biking, read outdoors, write outdoors, discuss life near big sunny windows, and other such pretentious college student things, but have I been unhappy.

It's a strange thing, but my beloved DJ shift is probably the cause of most of my problems.

Sorry to be a drag, but my hands are tired from typing all those business law abstracts and so is the rest of me.

The title is actually true. Deciduous trees winterize and won't come out of it until a period of days below a certain temperature. If they don't get them, they never come out and won't produce leaves and will effectively starve to death.

On that: g'night.



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