Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pregnant Cheerleader Theme Song

One of the greatest songs ever.

I've been reading up on a varient to a classic set of psychology tests.

Everyone knows about ink blots (picture-to-word associations) and word-to-word associations. These are tests that rely heavily on repeated patterns being indicative of certain things, but always a have a large degree of variance due to the nature of the interpretation of the results, order in which the words/images were presented, way in which the test was prefaced, what the test enviroment was like, etc.

The one I've been reading about is basically a reverse of the ink blot test; subejects are given words (e.g. sea lion, field, street, kitchen, bed, merry-go-round) and are then asked to describe, in as much detail as possible, the image that immediately comes to their mind. From their you can extrapolate how the subjects generally looks at things. For example darker colors or drabness can indicate depression, sparse or very clean can indicate obsessive-compulsive nature, etc.

This test has the exact same issues as the others: high variability, radiacally different interpretations, information might be useless, but what makes these tests so enthralling to me is the infinite number of ways you can interpret things.

If I say I envision a small dark bronze statue on a wood work table in a home with wood floors, white walls, and a wood ceiling, with golden afternoon light streaming through the window, casting shadows, and just catching the shiny parts of the statue, when I hear, "sea lion," does that mean I have a prefer to be alone because I didn't imagine an actual sea lion. Perhaps it's indicative of a desire to have stability as a statue is predictable and unchanging. It could mean that I don't like being outside because I thought of a, "cozy," interior enviroment. What does the fact that I said, "home," and not, "building," or, "residence," indicate?

Like I said, I love this crap.

Here is a list of words that I saw used as examples the most, do what you will with them:
1) Boat
2) Blanket
3) Stool
4) Monkey
5) Rope
6) Flower
7) Fish
8) Balloon



Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh, stool.

2:32 PM, February 01, 2005  
Blogger Jack said...

1. Brazilian bikini girls on the beach!
2. Fireplace, snowing outside, warm, roasting marshmallows!
3. Brownie mix!
4. An aqua blue t-shirt that says "Kiss My Ass" in big bold black letters!
5. Bondage!
6. Big smily face!
7. Underwater, bubbles! Plankton!
8. "When you're feeling low and things have gone astray..."

3:51 PM, February 01, 2005  

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