Thursday, January 20, 2005

Shock That Shit, Buy That Shit, Sattelite That Shit

Shock jocks have always struck me as bizzare. In general, radio personalities that don't play music strike me as odd and usually ridiculous if not outright offensive.

This is probably a low point even compared to the usual type of dousche-itude many a listner is subjected too.

I guess what I really don't understand is the consistent popularity of these people. No matter where you go in this fine country of ours, you will find some asshole spouting the idiotic drivel possible for hours on end.
///Then again, with the advent of Howard Stern to the land of sattelite, there's nowhere in the world we can go to escape shock jocks.///
Maybe it's me, but this makes no fucking sense. Why the hell would millions of people want to hear foul-mouthed frontal lobotomy victims everyday? Is there a jerk-off-chic I was just unaware of? I mean: wouldn't the shock value wear off eventually? How many porn-stars can you really have stripping over the air, and why would it matter? Moreover, what is so funny about someone crank calling a call center in India and then having nothing funnier to do with it except curse them out? Crank calls can be funny, but that wasn't even trying.

Call me old-fashioned, but is it so wrong to ask that drive-time DJ's shut the fuck up and play the god damn music? Give me some traffic and some news and I'll be a-okay. Albeit, I'm sort of biased here, since that's what I do, but it makes more sense to me than listening to toilet sound effects and two people laughing at eachother.



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