Thursday, January 27, 2005

Comfortably Numb

That reminds me, I got a Pink Floyd 7" at Best Buy yesterday. It was a promo with one six minute version of "Another Brick in the Wall Part II" over two sides, which is fine (scratchy, scratchy) but the irony of having 7"'s for people to buy and no record players for sale makes my life.

We usually get a lot of snow up in my end of the world. It's fairly standard pattern, snow falls at regular one-to-two inch increments and by this time we have a big pile of snow everywhere. This year, nature held off and then dumped a fuck load on us, as though to make up for the lost time. It's like when your company gives you a bunch of money at once because they had forgotten to give you the full amount of your check, except there was nothing to be happy about.

What was strange about this blizzard in particular, was that we had gone from minus-thirty wind chills to thirty-five degree highs. So, now that all of our awesome snow has melted away and we are left with big pies of ice and ass-snow, our blinding cold has returned.

This has brought the return of hats and gloves to the city. On old ladies, small children, grumpy college students, and even happy college students. These wily critters are easy to spot left in a variety of locations: buses, counters, benches, lecture halls, libraries, bathroom floors, and the one girl's room.

I'm down with the great fashion unifiers of Minnesota, but there's one thing I will never understand about hats: why the fuck would you wear a god damn, "hockey hat?"

Hockey hats, to ensure we're talking about the same abomination, here, are hats that cover most of your head, but leave the lower half of your ears exposed. Given that description, I repeat: what the fuck? Why, when flesh freezes so fast at minus-ten would you not want to cover your enitre ear? Is freezing fashionable?



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