Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm a Writer Who Never Wrote Home
(But I Phone When I Need Money Because the Words Don't Sell)

I often wonder if the creative efforts I pour my excess energy into mean anything. I set expectations and goals and rarely accomplish them. I always feel that it is not through lack of vision (my ideas aren't too bad), but rather insufficient capacity to fashion what I want. I can't decide if the derision I heap upon my work is driven by arrogant presumption of my abilities or merely crippling self-doubt?

Futility is a damning drug.

I previously posted on the joy of capture the flag. Well, alas, the games did not continue over the summer, nor were there signs of them continuing in the fall, so what was the logical conclusion? Organize it with a friend of mine. The final touches have been put in place and all is ready for next Friday's battle, the first of many. That said, I thought I 'd share the formal rules to entice others to organize a game themselves. If yee languish in boredom and no exercise, entice thine friends, thine neighbors, strangers thoust meet in restaurants to join in the merriment and recklessness that is free capture the flag.
-Two flags (PVC pipe and cloth work great)
-Construction Cones (for the flags to stand in)
-Headbands (we made ours out of two different colored sheets, T-shirts also work well)
-First Aid kit, if you're really worried about it.
-A mess of people

1) Don't be a dick / bitch.
2) All rules disputes will be solved through paper - rock - scissors; best out of three. The winner is correct.
3) Head bands are to be worn around the head, royal crown style, only; none of this around the leg/arm hipster bullshit.
4) To win, your team must bring the opposing teams flag across the middle no - man's land.
5) When you're tagged you are frozen in place; no moving. You can move again if someone on your team must crawl under your legs - freeze tag style - or four minutes have elapsed from the time you were tagged. If you don't have a watch or cell phone or some other time keeping device, use your judgment. See rule number 1. THERE ARE NO FREE BACKS. When freed, by teammate or time limit, continue playing as you see fit. Be warned that you are open to be tagged again.
6) There is no, "puppy guarding," your team's flag. You must be no less than ten normal steps (thirteen if you're short) directly away from the flag (no zigzagging). You can break this rule if an opposing team member has entered that zone.
7) If someone grabs your flag and you tag them before they make it to the other side, the flag stays where you tagged them; you can't throw the flag to a teammate if you're tagged.
8) Boundaries are unlimited except for the middle line. Use your judgment for where that would be if you can't easily see it. See rule number 2.
9) Games will start when team captains close cell phones and end when people don't want to play anymore.



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