Monday, January 16, 2006

Choke on the Flesh of the Sick and the Young

I thought I woke up screaming this morning. It turned out I had just left my CD player on and it got stuck on a metal scream. Actually, I'm willing to believe both occurred, but I try to ignore things that could possibly indicate any deep psychological problems.

Every so often, something will actually rattle me. I'll feel like someone actually ran up and shook me and then ran away; leaving me partially in shock, somewhat confused, and thinking things like, "ow, my brain." I'm not good in those situations, and - just like when waking up screaming - I try to ignore that they happened at all.

On a lighter note: Last night, I saw someone standing outside of the liquor store near my apartment building. What made this notable (I mean, let's face it, people standing outside of a liquor store is not exactly an uncommon occurrence), was that the liquor store was decidedly closed (Sunday 3:20 in the morning - I know it was technically Monday, shut up). He might have been waiting for a ride, but he definitely had the look of someone that was confused to be where he was; as though his expectations were decidedly not met and he was trying to decide if he should just camp out and wait until the place opened up or if he should meander elsewhere. As I'm waiting for the light to turn so I could stumble into my abode and collapse into blessed slumber, he sort of shuffles his feet, takes a swig from his paper sack, and then hurls the - presumably empty - bottle into the road, right into the windshield of a cop car that had just turned towards the on-ramp. The car screeches to a halt, flips into reverse and tries to navigate around the median to get at the guy.

Needless to say, the gentleman booked it and was gone before the cop got close. The cop gets out, obviously swearing, and brushes off his car. He then climbs back in and returns to his original objective of getting the hell out of uptown.



Blogger Jack said...

Damn, dude. That sounds entertaining.


7:07 PM, January 16, 2006  

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