Monday, January 17, 2005

Just Stand Back, Mother Fucker

As I was cruising down West 7th street I notcied something I really hadn't given much attention to: a sci-fi shop next to a porno shop.

Now, at first, this struck me as a fairly poor location choice. It's not that I don't know nerds, geeks, dorks, etc. aren't pervy, hell, I'm one of them (who doesn't love nappy sci-fi movies, raw hilarity in a can, son). All I'm saying is: your average porno shopper isn't someone I would associate with Mr. Spock (come on, every nerd knows you can get it cheaper online). However, upon later disscussion, it became apparent this store combo has been together for sometime, I was just to stupid to see it before.

So, how do we explain this bizzare combination, let alone its continual success?

My conclusion is fairly straight-forward: one. stop. shopping. I mean: if you need the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD, a Captain Kirk mask for your next convention, and something to wank off to this is the place for you. If they sold Mountain Dew and Doritos it would be perfect.

Either that or there are some really bunk-ass nerds in St. Paul (just saying).

I would like to encourage ou to go see Happy Apple, they are very hilarious live. Jazz, but ca-razy.

Random Discovery of the Month: I really like high, fast guitar chords. Not like speed metal as much, but the same high chord repeated really fast. More like Billy Howerdel's work or the occasional Wedding Present (Take Fountain, by the way, looks to be totally fucking sweet) track.


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