Monday, October 03, 2005

I Am A Bad Blogger. I Wish I Were Dead. Boo-Hoo.

Yeah, lofting dreams of regular updating are getting eaten by busy work.

I was cruising the internet at work this weekend and ran into a quiz. Like I do for most quizes I mocked it's puiny existance and made it ask what it wants from life; basically weant all Happy-Time Harry on it. I continued this until I saw one brilliant question that has stuck with me. The question?
"Name three perfect albums."
So, it's not even really a question, but it's been haunting me.

What get's me the most: I can't do it. I can't pin down three records I consider, "perfect." Massive Attack's Mezzanine has moments I'm not a big fan of. Tool's Laterelus drags in some places. Front Line Assembly's Tactical Neural Implant has a couple parts that I routinely skip. Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer, intro and track 6, not so much. A Whisper in the Noise? Ides of March is pretty damn close, as is 2d, but even there, I find myself going, eh about bits of it.

The more I think about it, the more I can't stand it. It's been apparent to me that I'm a hyper-critical music-snob, but I can't even declare some of my all-time favorite albums as perfect. Maybe that's a good thing, I really don't know.

What kind of dick-face can't even figure out, what albums they consider perfect?



Blogger Jack said...

There is no perfect, but I think Endtroducing is about as close as they come.

5:21 PM, October 04, 2005  

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