Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fuck You, Rooney

I'm waiting for The Amazing Race to come on the television. It's sort of a wier thing considering I didn't watch any network TV a year ago.

My grand plans of regular updating have been, mmmm, irregular. Life gets in the way these days. Well, not in the way, but is more interesting.

Anyway, I wonder how long you have to put up with something before you can't take it anymore? How long does the initial good vibe you get from a place last before you can't handle being there anymore? It's a strange thing, watching myself growing distaste and aggravation with something that was once so important to me.

Still where one thing fades others grow. I've been biking a lot more lately. It's made me a lot happier overall, but has also made me guffier. I'm way more in your face to drivers that try to kill me than I used to be. Call me new fashioned, but if you're going to try to run me over, I'm gonna get upset about it.

The one downside to this philosophy is that I tend to piss the hell out of the drivers. This confuses me. I mean, do I transport to a crazy mixed up parallel world world when I spank some car or flick some jerk-bag off? Them getting mad at me is like someone shooting at me and then being mad when I duck.

Damn fuckers.



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