Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm Sorry I Forgot to do that One Thing I Obligated Myself to do When You Asked Me, What More do You Want?

I am constantly in awe of the human body. Not in the sense that it can do amazing, although that's true, but more in the sense that it transforms itself from a not stinky, not greasy, albeit dirt-coated sack of flesh, to the polar opposite. Puberty? I get that, my body can get fucked up during that point, but post? What the hell? How did I not need anti-perspirent for my entire childhood and then need to rub, basically soap, under my arms for the rest of my life?


I think in order for life to spontaneously appear, a combination of several things must occur:

-A party
-Free food
-Free booze

I hate sports bars. In concept, pratice, and appearance. To be percise I hate crappy bars near campus. May they die in response to their patrons attending bars of quality.

Are you having a bad day? I hope not, but if you are may you take power in this:

Isn't that better? Found Magazine hopes so, and I do too.

Sorry, I'm in an odd mood this morning.




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