Friday, March 23, 2007

I Think You Would Shoot a Baby

As I've discussed before, I get a lot of spam. This is the nature of having a publicly posted email address linked to my email. My spam filter takes a lot of it, but a bunch will still get through. Every once and while as I slide over to my spam filter to delete these shit-raft bastards forever I'll feel a little guilty. I mean, what if Adam is really honestly trying to make my penis bigger? What if Kent F. Constance meant to tell his friend about civil rights and include a picture with info about stock tips, but instead he sent it to me? Then I laugh at myself and remember these are scamming money grubbing whores and I don't really give a shit. Sure, maybe they're trying to make a bunch of money, but does it have to be done in the worst way possible? I mean surely there's a better way to pass on your fortune.

So today, I flip open my email and I see this message:
From: Cornell Pina
to: me
subject: anti-spammers are lamers
Upon opening this bounty of hilarity, I am rewarded with:

regards, spammer.
Take a stand Cornell. Take a stand. If you don't stand up for your right to make your cash, then the anti-spammers have already won. God bless you Cornell Pina, you are a beacon for freedom-lovers around the world