Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Infinite Justice

"... [K]harma is real, part of the deal is with how you started the deal 'cause everything a three-sixty, it'll start to cartwheel, it snowballs..."
-Del, the Funky Homosapien for Handsome Boy Modeling School's "The World's Gone Mad"
I've been thinking about kharma lately. Not because I think I've done anything particularly egregious lately, I've just been thinking about how one person's actions influence other things (chaos theory has been bouncing around my skull as well).

The thing that fascinates me about kharma is the amount of belief required to make it useful. In explanation: if bad things happen to you and you don't believe in kharma, it just seems arbitrary and the point of punishment is to associate a behavior with something bad, but if you don't know what you did you don't learn anything.

However, if you believe in kharma bad things that happen to you can be attributed to wrongs in a past life (thus solving the above mentioned problem of punishment for no reason). What fascinates me the most about the whole thing is you don't have seek vengeance as those that do you wrong will be eventually punished; if not now, then after they die in their next life. In short: no matter what happens, justice will eventually be served. Sure, it may take a few centuries, but all wrongs done to you and all wrongs you do will eventually be rectified.

This concept makes a lot more sense to me than the usual Judeo-Christian explanation of, "it's part of God's plan." I don't know, somehow an arbitrary explanation for an arbitrary tragedy doesn't sit right with me.

I don't know whether I actually believe in kharma or not, but it is a rather appealing philosophy. It also let's you believe in the immortality of the individual, which seems to be fairly appealing to most people.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

As Though Mine Chains Hath Been Broken

Do you know what rules? Well, yes that, but I was going for being done with a hellish semester.

The word, "selenium," would also be correct becuase I beleive it to be the best named vitamin/mineral out there and that's a tough field to be the best of. I mean, "Riboflavin," could be one boss awesome MC name if such an MC existed. Think of it now: Riboflavin and Thiamin on the mic, DJ Folic and Carotene on the beats, with guest appearances from the Potassium Brothers and the one and only Selenium.

Actually that would suck ass. Except for Selenium, which is still a cool word.

Or I'm still very sleepy ...


Saturday, December 11, 2004

I Am Going to Explode

Posting is destined to be shorter and more sparse than these past couple of weeks. I am getting progressively more busy as finals near.

It's very odd, I didn't use to freak out about my final exams as much, but then again I didn't have thousands of dollars in scholarships riding on my grades, so I guess the consequences are greater. Combined with work and my own general shenigans things are stressful in general. Maybe it's just some of my days seem to be hours of constant sleep deprivation and I'm slowly just wasting away.

Whatever, the point is: I'm tired, I have no time for creative expression, and I'm studying (no music making + no fun = TK1 sad little boy). Ironically enough, the saving grace for all of this is waking up bleeding early and starting every morning with three hours of music. Ah work, causing stress and yet letting me relax.

My dance mix of the season ('04 Party Time):

1) Mouse on Mars - Wipe That Sound

2) !!! - Pardon My Freedom

3) Madlib - Young Warrior

4) Lemon Jelly - Stay With You

5) Felix Da Housecat - What She Wants

6) Ratatat - Seventeen Years

7) Mala Rodriguez - La Nina

8) Le Tigre - On the Verge

9) Saul Williams - List of Demands (Repirations)

That's about an hour or so. Anyway, that's my dance party time of awesome to get through finals.

Feel free to share yours if you have one.


Monday, December 06, 2004

In Which Business Becomes Noted

Social commentators always complain about the increase of the rate society moves at. There is always someone complaining about how we move to fast these days, zipping from place to place, never taking time to apprecaite the finer things in life. While there's something to be said for kicking back now and again, being busy isn't a bad thing, it's just the nature of existance. Being bored and doing nothing is worse than rushing around a lot.

Besides, if things are really moving faster and faster every generation, we'll hit up against the speed of light eventually - which actually brings me to a better argument than I was going to: if we were moving faster, things would be getting slower, so there.

I guess my point is fairly simple: cultural conservatism rarely is to the benifit of society as a whole.