Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So, this Would Not be Like Breaking the Bones of an Anorexic

I can't get "My Humps" out my brain. Not just the original, soul-devouring musical abomination, nay, Aggro1's "Long Hard Humps Out Of Hell" mashup (Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" v. Marilyn Manson's "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell"). It never ends.

My brain hurts, I feel like I just need to sleep and I know I've got no opportunity to do so in the near future.

That's all I got. Just a few complaints.

Fuck, Jesus.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You All Need and Choose Your Own Lie

My lack of posting has more been caused by insane business and then a lack of inspiration when I have the time. so instead of giving you real life Thomas, where if I continue to ramble long after my point has been made or I have nothing to say, I thought I'd use the convenience of the medium and edit out one of my more obnoxious flaws.


I have, of late, been losing patience with everything. I feel like I can't get myself to, "think globally," if you will. I'm sure that doesn't make a lick of sense since I don't really understand it and I wrote it. I guess the best way to think of it is I'm tired of working for that better tomorrow. Sudan genocide? Yeah, that's important, but I'm having problems dredging up the outrage and concern I used to. Human rights abuse in China? Tell me one I haven't heard before. It's a sort of weariness of the world's ills; a sort of giving in to the inevitable doom of humanity. Maybe it's the continuous tide of idiots, maybe it's the endless deluge of problems I can't do anything about, maybe it's that I feel like no matter what I want to accomplish, I can't alter the foolishness that awaits us all, or maybe I just really want to curl up with a bottle of Russian goodness with the new Tool album blaring into my skull.

It's not apathy, it's a wish for the problems of the universe to cease hassling me, at least for the time being, but even with a hazy idea of why I feel so exhausted by the world, I find myself reading the BBC, working on news stories, and ranting and raving about how much I hate the administration. So, maybe there's some hope for me after all.

Remember, republicans are destroying the environment. Earth day is very important.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Communication is a Joke

Dear Jackass that stole my bike seat:

Was it really necessary to steal the entire bracket and bolt assembly too? May your blood cells go sickle and rend your pathetic veins into ribbons. May your fat liquify and boil in your body. May your remaining flesh decay so rapidly the final sensation you have left on the earth is the scent of your own worthless self dying. Finally: I wish your bones shatter simultaneously, ripping to shreds any nearby loved ones.

Thomas Kwong

I am so full of hate.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Name is an Illusion Created to Define that Which Causes Confusion

I don't have a lot of direction with this. I'm simply bored and have had a couple rants in my brain for a little while. I hate midterms.

Daylight savings time fucks with me every year. Not the fall back one (that one's fine, but spring forward? Rape me with an elephant. Every time I look outside I'm confused. I literally feel off balance for a good week until I adjust (there's a reason I don't like to bike as much). I feel constantly late, and I have insane dreams (more dying than usual, yay!).

Conservatism continues to confound me.

If I hear one more piece of shit religious nut job tell me about the sanctity of marriage, but they're not homophobic, I'm going to punch them in their reproductive organs.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell all University of Minnesota alumni that want a stadium on campus: pay for it your god damn selves. I can think of more important things for my institute of learning to spend that much state money on then a stadium we'll use a few times per year. I can also think of better use for the twenty-five dollars a semester, thanks. So, if you want it so bad, you can pay for it. Current students that want one: you can contribute as much money as you want. Just don't make me pay for your self-esteem boost, you insecure little fucks.

One last thing: stay up tonight.

I mean it. You can do so in whatever method you choose, but stay up. For at two minutes and three seconds after one, one of those crazy time things shall occur. In particular, it's only once every century. Is numerology silly? Sure it is, but hopefully you still like to giggle at weird nerdy things, get excited at planning to stay up, "late," or just really like counting.

So, stay up. Have sex until 1:00, watch a bunch of movies, study, set an alarm if you have to, but be up at 01:02:03, 04/05/06.